Great Hiking Ideas in Montenegro with GPS waypoints

GPS or MAP & COMPASS? We use a Garmin GPS60csx when hiking, both within the UK and in Montenegro. It has a 2Gb memory card which holds topographic maps for the whole of the UK, but at this stage, no such map exists for Montenegro. Nevertheless, it is a superb unit having the extremely sensitive SIRF chip, and will provide very good positioning. Even so, when in deep canyons, no GPS can be very accurate and it is common to have accuracy restricted to 40m or more. In normal use however, even in dense tree cover, accuracy of 4m or better is very commonly achieved. There is of course no substitute for map and compass, but we would never explore the numerous mountain tracks without our GPS.  Good hiking maps of Montenegro are available. We can advise you.

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HIKING There are excellent waymarked hikes around the Bay of Kotor and surrounding mountains. Whether you want to discover the near-deserted village of Upper Stoliv, explore ancient Austro-Hungarian fortresses, find the abandoned "ghost village" of Veliki Zalazi, ascend the old mule track "The Ladder of Cattaro", or even make a complete ascent to Mt Lovcen, we can provide the information you need. Our apartment is the perfect centre for your discoveries.

Explore for yourself the amazing Austro-Hungarian Fortresses of Montenegro

GEOCACHING A great hobby for anyone with a GPS and especially for encouraging youngsters to enjoy the great outdoors. Hidden treasure boxes containing notebook and pencil with a few small gifts to exchange are placed near some superb viewpoints in Montenegro, some of which can be reached by car, and others demanding a hike of a few kms or more. But wherever you find one, you are guaranteed a very special experience! Our apartment is the perfect choice for a base from which to explore the coast and mountain scenery around the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. To find out more about Geo-Caching in Montenegro, visit the link on this page and then:

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Geo-Caching in Montenegro
GPS in Montenegro
Geocaches in Montenegro

WHITE WATER RAFTING A great outdoor adventure on the river Tara. We recommend "Rafting Montenegro" who are very experienced and with an excellent safety record. They provide excellent accommodation, great leaders, full equipment including wet suit, helmet and life jackets. Depending on season, rafting can be gentle or challenging so suits every taste (Grade 3 max.) Not to be missed!


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ADVENTURE PARK at Ivanova Korita A fantastic outdoor experience testing your balance and courage in the forest near the Lovcen National Park visitor centre. Extremely safe and supervised by qualified experts who provide all safety equipment. With 7 different trails for all ages from 7 to 70, this really is a fun couple of hours. Children and adults will not be disappointed! Depends mainly on sense of balance and planning. With zip lines, cargo nets, hanging log poles etc set at various heights from 3.5m to 15m.  Click HERE for details

Ivanova Korita Adventure Park
Hiking on Vrmac
Rafting on River Tara Canyon
Garmin GPS 60csx in Montenegro





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